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Case - Eos Sofa Armchair

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Case - Eos Sofa Armchair

The Eos Sofa Armchair is designed for the outdoors and provides somewhere to recline that’s as comfortable as it is elegant.   

Complementing the rest of the Eos collection – characterised by a lightweight design with smart proportions and clean lines – it’s designed by Matthew Hilton.

Hard-wearing and low-maintenance, it’s made from powder-coated aluminium that stands up to even the wettest conditions and hottest temperatures, while the comfortable seat pad and cushion are upholstered in water-resistant Sunbrella® fabric that’s breathable and wipeable.

Choose a finish in black, white or rust, and a fabric in charcoal grey or rust, to create something to suit your taste and space.

It’s no wonder it’s winner of the Design Guild Mark Award 2016, which recognises the highest standards of British design in furniture and lighting.

Product Details

W88 x H71 x D84 cm

Extruded aluminium. Commercial grade powder coat. Injection moulded nylon floor glides. Cushions upholstered in Sunbrella® fabric.

Care Instructions
To prolong the life of the product and retain its appearance and functionality, we would like to give you some relevant information and care advice:

Frame care

Regular periodic care and cleaning is recommended on the frame.

The sofa frames are fnished in a hardwearing powdercoat and a Textaline back and seat which can be cleaned using a sponge/soft bristle brush with a cleaning solution of mild liquid soap and lukewarm water. Use of abrasive cleaners should be avoided.

Rinse and dry thoroughly for best finish.

Caution: In seaside use, salt can accumulate on the finish, leading to finish failure.

In indoor pool areas, chlorides can accumulate on the finish, leading to finish failure.

In both of these environments, repeated cycles of condensation followed by evaporation cause build-up of these aggressive corrosives. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water will remove the concentrated deposits and protect the furniture finish per the above instructions.

Although the materials and fnishes used are selected for their ‘all-weather/year-round’ characteristics, we recommend that the frame of this product is stored during cold and wet winter months.

Cushion care

The cushions for the Eos sofa use a Sunbrella fabric on the outer cover. Sunbrella® PVC/Textile fabrics are similar to a traditional PVC sling, but with the addition of textile yarns within the weave to offer increased comfort and the addition of a lamination layer on the reverse of the fabric to aid water resistance.

We advise that the cushions are stored in a dry location whilst not in use to prolong the life of this product.

It is not advised to machine wash the cushions – please follow the recommended instructions below.

Cleaning (light soiling):

As with any item left permanently outside and exposed to the elements (not recommended), regular cleaning is recommended - at least once a year. Cleaning every month when in use will ensure that the furniture remains looking at its best. If the fabric is stained with oil, butter or any other oil-based product, we strongly advise that this is removed IMMEDIATELY using a solution of warm water and mild detergent as detailed below. We also advise furniture is covered in the winter months if possible. For regular, general cleaning and light soiling use a solution of warm water and mild detergent.

Gently brush the fabric clean with a sponge, soft scrubbing pad or a soft bristle scrubbing brush.
Rinse well with clean water to remove all traces of the detergent solution.
DO NOT use a power washer to clean/rinse the cushions as this will cause de-lamination of the membrane on the inside of the cushion cover.


Due to the large surface area of base cushions in particular, it is possible, under certain conditions, for watermarks to appear on the fabric. Watermarks are not ‘stains’ as such and can occur on almost any fabric under certain conditions - i.e. uneven wetting and/or uneven drying. To avoid water marking it is important to dry cushions evenly, preferably in sunny, breezy conditions. If a watermark appears, use a mild detergent and warm water to remove the mark, then rinse the cushion thoroughly all over, using clean water, and then allow to dry as evenly and quickly as practicable. Ideally, this should be in the open air and in direct sunlight if possible, which will assist more rapid and even drying.

Cleaning (heavy soiling):

For more ingrained dirt and/or to remove specific stains we recommend buying a specific outdoor fabric spot cleaner or cleaning solution.


All the fabrics used on outdoor lounge furniture are generally resistant to mildew, however in extremely humid and moist environments, it is possible that some level of mildew may develop on the surface of the fabric. To prevent and remove mildew, we recommend that items are cleaned at least once a year using a mild detergent and warm water.

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