23 Jul 2020

A Balm for the Mind

A salvation during these recent months has been to get out into the fresh air.  There really is nothing like a walk to ‘get your head showered’.  During the quiet periods of lockdown when there was little or no noise from cars, bird song sounded so loud and we’ve loved watching nature bloom on these walks.  It has been a balm.

We’ve had a delivery of beautiful new products from local company Field Day that feel very much in sync with the natural world.  With roots firmly planted in our Irish landscapes, woodscapes and coastlines, Field Day’s collections celebrate our natural heritage.

Folk Tin Candles

Folk Collection-02.jpg

These aluminium tin candles are an ode to the folk who shaped our land. With fragrances ranging from smoky firesides to blackberries, gorse and more. The come with a lid, so great for travelling or keeping your candle dust free. £13.95


Bee Friendly Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs-01.jpg

Throw these little balls of seed and soil to the earth and watch them grow into a feasting ground for bees, butterflies, birds and moths.  Hand rolled in County Meath from chemical free soil and loaded with 28 native Irish wildflowers, they make the perfect gift for your nature loving friend.  £11.95

Soap Quartet

Soap Quartet-01.jpg

A quartet of Linen, Wild rose, Meadow and Sea Soaps, made from planet friendly palm oil, these are vegan friendly and cruelty free.  And look how they are packaged!  £11.95

Candle Care Kit

Accessories-Candle Care Kit-04.jpg

The secret to getting the most from your candle is regular wick trimming. This will make your candle burn brighter and last longer. This kit contains a set of wick scissors, some extra-long matches and a matte black try to store your kit and rest your candle on.  A treat for any candle lover. £24.95

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