08 Oct 2022

At Home - Caitlin, Cormac + Enagh

If any of you are local to the shop, you're bound to have bumped into our amazing cousin Caitlin, who has (thankfully for us), departed her native Australia and made Belfast her home.  Caitlin has been a cheerleader for Maven since we opened, from working on the shop floor many moons ago, to being one half of Coffee + Cactus, the coffee and plant shop formerly based in Maven, to being an absolute pillar of endless encouragement. Caitlin is one of the kindest, funniest, most positive people we know.  The home she shares with Cormac and little Enagh is a cosy, homely, relaxed space that reflects the truly welcoming people they are.  There's always a bed for visitors from afar, and usually a record playing and a coffee brewing.  

Can you tell us about your home and who lives there?

Our home is a classic four bedroom, red brick, end terrace house, literally a 30 second walk away from Maven, off the Lisburn Rd. I live here with my husband Cormac and one year old daughter, Enagh.

 What is your favourite bit of your home?

 Its open plan, light and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

 Where do you get your ideas and inspiration for your home?

We love to travel; so everything in our home is a reminder of where we’ve been and who we’ve met along the way. It’s filled with knick knacks, pottery and art that may mean nothing to anyone else, but to us, everything has a special story.

If money was no object, what would you buy for your home.

We have a wee roof terrace that is good in theory, but really needs some time and money doing it up to make it a bit more green, homely and practical.

 How would you spend a perfect weekend?

 A mini break to Amsterdam sounds good right about now. But here in Belfast, a quick nip to Brew and Bake for a coffee, a drive and adventure somewhere in the countryside and maybe dinner out somewhere a bit spesh.



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