28 Mar 2023

At Home: Loretta + Steve

We've been pestering Loretta and Steve to let us feature their home for ages now.  From snippets we've seen on instagram, from their own photography and just from them being in and out of the shop, we knew that their house was going to be a gem.  And not to show off, but we  were right ;-). When the photos came through we didn't know where to look first.  It is evident that its a cute, colourful, happy home, much like the couple themselves.

Photography by youthemus


Can you tell us about your home and who lives there?

I live with my husband, Steve in a 3 bedroom, 1930s semi detached house in west Belfast. The house has been in my family since it was built. It was renovated just before lockdown 2020 and we were very lucky as it coincided with a time where we were all constrained to our homes.


What is your favourite bit of your home?

In general my favourite thing is the use of colour throughout. As a photographer colour and light are a constant source of inspiration.  I’m always attracted to spaces with light walls with bold pops of colour, I find light and colour can be mood enhancing and I like howpractical objects can offer so much more through colour, texture or pattern.  

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration for your home?
Like everyone else I find inspiration from the social media pages of many fantastic interior designers, furniture makers and stores such as Maven. I love how someone can make a studio apartment in Paris or Berlin look and feel wonderful based on their own tastes and ideas; the objects we collect, how we display them in a way that means something so personal. Beyond this books, magazines and travelling with work (mostly around Ireland) alongside a bit of curiosity all help in exploring ideas for our own space.

Do you have any plans for your home in the pipeline?

I think everyone would concede their home is really always a work in progress, there are always jobs needing attention or improvement. As we turn towards better weather we would love to try and develop our outdoor space. We have quite a large garden and in good weather it really adds to our experience of the house.

If money was no object, what you buy for your home?

It's not out of reach but I've definitely got my eye on a Hay Mags sofa, but it will take me a lifetime to decide on a colour.

How would you spend a perfect weekend?

That’s a funny one because as wedding photographers we work a lot of weekends, so for us the weekend is more like a Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday. On these days we just like to get out into nature, a good walk with a coffee stop is always preferable, when we can we enjoy the food and atmosphere at Strandfield (Dundalk). We are both big into movies so a film in the evening is generally a good way to round off the day.


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