27 Oct 2020

At Home - The Turf Shed

This former turf shed in Donegal is a much-loved hideaway for in demand photographer Sarah Fyffe, her husband and two small children. At about 100 sq feet in size and ‘a tiny bit wider than a caravan’, it is testament to just how much can be done on a budgetifyou have a great eye. There’s a beautiful Persian rug, found in an aunty’s attic, a pink stool from Maven, orange tiles from a former home and the most unlikely armchairs, (that I can just imagine sinking into, happy and exhausted after a day on the beach). With pots and pans and all manner of kitchen utensils hanging from hooks in the ceiling, this is a jewel of a tiny house, so beautiful that my eye doesn’t know where to look first. Found just across the road from the beach, for this surfing family, this house is the ideal place to get way.

Can you tell us about what you do? 

I'm a photographer.  I shoot commercial interiors, weddings and portraits.

How would you describe your home? 

This is our little beach hideaway so it's a very simple, eclectic mix of left overs from the various houses we've lived in over the last 15 years!

What is your most treasured item? 

We have these lovely brown velvet 1970's armchairs that we got from a friend of a friend who was throwing them out.  They are far too big for the space and they aren't even the most aesthetically pleasing but they are SO comfortable we'd really miss them if they weren't there.


When are you happiest in your home? 

After a day at the beach or in the water, a glass of wine and the radio on or a good movie.  Kids in bed!!



Do you have any home rituals/ habits that are important to you? 

Smell is really important to me.  I diffuse a lot of essential oils and appreciate a nice candle. Ambient light is really important to me too. We have no TV or Wifi so it's a pretty nice, simple existence.

How does being an interiors photographer make you think about how things look in your home?  Does it inspire you or put pressure on you to have things a certain way?

 I can't help but be influenced by the gorgeous interiors I photograph but generally I just go with the flow of what I feel and what we can afford!

We really miss being there at the moment. 


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