31 Aug 2022

Back to School and Top of the Class - BOOM!

The photos of kids at front doors are back and the traffic is wild again!  There can be no doubting that it's back to school time. Make sure you are top of the class with our picks to make the transition from summer days to school days super smooth.

Flow Breakfast Plate || ferm LIVING

You'll be set for the day with an egg in your tummy

Flow Breakfast Plate || ferm LIVING

Eclipse Desk || MENU

Be your most productive with this sleek little set up

Eclipse Desk - MENU

Kant Pinboard || ferm LIVING

Somewhere to pin all those party invitations and important notes

Kant Pinboard - ferm LIVING

Keep that clutter contained

Folded Shelves - MUUTO

A sculptural piece with a timeless design

Tripod Lamp || &Tradition

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