07 Sep 2018

Copenhagen Inspiration

Copenhagen was grey and the rain was incessant when we took our annual trip last week.  But the city was buzzing and as usual inspiration was everywhere. The Copenhageners all donned their Rains raincoats (they were almost a uniform) and wellies (we’re bringing this to Belfast for Autumn 2018) and got on with life.


In every shop and showroom we visited, black punctuated hues of taupe, tan & terracotta. Cinnamon, plum and umber permeated the grey landscape, making us feel cosy and warm. Paint colours were dark, sludgy and dusky. Comforting, nurturing colours.

Furnishings & accessories in natural clays, wood, leather, velvet and marble were everywhere. Dried hydrangea, eucalyptus and mellow pampas grass swished from tall vases. The effect was one of easy, comfortable luxury.  Contemporary but definitely cosy.  Just the way we like it (We saw some tiny flashes of chrome and walnut too, a departure from the warm metallics and oak of the last while).
 A 70’s feel lingers but freshened up to create a louche lounge vibe rather than a macramé one.
 We’ll be sharing more inspiration from our trip over the coming weeks, and of course lots of new products will be arriving in store regularly between now and Christmas.


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