07 Jan 2015

Craving cosiness in darkest winter

Christmas is over, the tree and its twinkly lights are down and Spring still feels like a long way off. Until the brighter evenings are upon us, I want my home to be the cosiest place ever as I semi-hibernate.  For me, the most simple and effective way of creating a welcoming and restful home is via lighting.

Your overhead, main light in a room is great if you have a job to do – say cleaning or um… colouring in, but forget it if you want any kind of atmosphere.  Who looks good when there is a harsh light shining down on them?  No one, that’s who.  And who feelsgood when there is a harsh light shining down on them? That’s right – noone.  I guarantee you, switch off your overhead light and feel your blood pressure reduce immediately.

So essentially, you need a lot of lamps in your home – I cannot overstate this enough.


This is where guests arrive and you want them to feel welcome immediately.  If you don’t have room for a lamp then even some fairy lights can create the right atmosphere.  If you have no guests calling by, then why not make it look great just for you?  It isyour house.

Living Room

This is where it gets serious.  Put lamps anywhere and everywhere you can.  This is probably where you watch TV, read a book or fiddle about on the laptop in the evening.  This should therefore be a room of major cosiness and comfort.


Often overlooked, the kitchen is definitely a place to think about lighting and if you eat in your kitchen, even moreso.  If you have the kind of home where people congregate in the kitchen way after a meal has finished, then you need to ensure they are comfortable.  A couple of lamps around the place are guaranteed to make your guests or family feel super comfortable and happy to linger.


It goes without saying (but I will anyway), lamps on the bedside are a must.  Essential for reading and close enough to switch off by simply sticking an arm out from under the duvet.  You do not want to wake yourself right up by tramping around the bedroom to switch off a light.

I also have to mention candles.  No one needsa candle but they can really make a place feel good. 

For me even the act of pulling the curtains, switching on a couple of lamps and lighting a few candles is relaxing.  

Little note:  when buying a bulb don’t go near anything that has a bright white light, stick to a warm/ soft white glow. 

Stay cosy, Patricia

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