29 Oct 2014


Last weekend saw us make the trip to Copenhagen for DesignTrade.  It was an opportunity for us to meet with existing suppliers, to view their Autumn/Winter collections and also to meet new suppliers. In addition we knew it would be great way to get a feel for what’s happening in this Mecca for all things Nordic.

A couple of design themes really stood out.  The main one (I’ve tried to think of snappy name for this but its not happening), I would describe as a folksy/desert/ 70’s kind of vibe.  Think cacti (still everywhere), kilim rugs, hanging baskets, indoor plants en masse (the bigger, the better) washed out colours like pale pink, mint and mustard.  Textures were everywhere from sheepskins to natural wood and wall-hangings are going to be massive.

The other stand-out theme is Origami.  We saw lots of origami-influenced ceramics and pendant lights, with triangles and geometric shapes continuing to be a big design motif.  Colours of note here are black, white, gold and again, washed out pastels.


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