05 May 2016

Dusty Boy Designs

Maven is now stocking delectable greetings cards from Dusty Boy Designs, run by Kate and Justin.  (Have you seen their home in the latest edition of Image Interiors?  If not, be sure to get a copy).  We always love to know the stories behind the brands, who are the personalities, what makes them tick, how does it all work etc.  Kate from Dusty Boy Designs was kind enough to humour our nosey ways and answered a few questions for us:

Tell us a little about yourselves and what you do?

Myself and Justin own a luxury paper goods company called Dusty Boy Designs which we set up four years ago from our little studio in the wilds of Wexford!  We started off our business designing and creating custom wedding stationery for couples getting married!  While we really loved working on weddings, we felt the pull to create something that had a bit more freedom.  Something that was more organic that we could put our very own stamp on. So in September 2015, we branched out and launched our very first collections of paper goods!  We now design and produce design led greeting cards, notebooks, beautiful oversized desk pads (perfect of scribbling down all of your dreams, plans and notes while sitting at your desk) and wall prints.  We absolutely love our work and have lots of exciting plans and projects for the next couple of years to branch out, collaborate and grow Dusty Boy evenfurther!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Justin is originally from South Africa and loves nature, so a lot of our inspiration grows from our walks through the beautiful countryside at home that's right on our doorstep!  The beginning of a project can often start out as a particular feeling, an experience or something visual that really sticks in our minds like a skyline,  or a beautiful piece of art.  I am a little more than obsessed with art, colour and texture so we try marry and incorporate as much of those feelings through our designs. We both have very different visual concepts – I love much looser design while Justin definitely likes structure and I think you can see elements of both seeping through our projects!

Can you describe your workspace?

Our workspace is small but very compact.  We work side by side which can be interesting!  Overtime we've both learned the importance of having separate roles within business and to know when to give the other person their space!  As a rule, I drive the aesthetic of the brand and product from initial concept as far as the design stage.  Once I've had an idea, I'll start gathering images and materials to stick onto the master moodboard in the office.  I'll then refine, refine and refine again until we're left with a much more condensed, drawn out idea with definite patterns/colourways, feeling words and lettering. We then both sit down at the design process and work through graphics and layout together. Justin, who very much runs the production end of the business, takes over, pulls the final concept together and finishes the project.  

But it doesn’t always work out as seamless as that of course! There are times in design when everything flows beautifully and then there are times when we get stuck, and it takes a little back and forth to unearth ourselves and move forward. Sometimes this means roles overlapping so we just go with that …

When you’re not working where can we find you?

Outside, wearing wellies trudging through mucky fields with our crazy dogs!

What are you reading?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett (I know, I'm VERY late to the party!!!)


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