16 Sep 2015

Foraging with Friends

Last night, we welcomed Mary and Dermot from Forage Ireland and 15 keen foragers into Maven for what turned out to be a super-special Maven Session.

The sun shone as we made our way through Drumglass Park on the Lisburn Road. Dermot talked us through the flora that inhabited the park, what was edible, what was native, what's in season and where we could find the best foraging areas in Ireland. We tasted loads of different berries and leaves and as we left the park I certainly felt quietly smug that in the case of emergency, I'd be able to live for a little while at least, on natures finest.

Once we were back in Maven, Mary came into her own. She is a real storyteller and entertainer as well as a fantastic baker. We all made soda farls on the grill, tasted hedegrow jams, mashed up our berries we collected in the park and listened to Mary's stories and baking secrets.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Maven Session, especially to Dermot and Mary from Forage Ireland, for such a fun an educational evening.

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