21 May 2020

Lockdown: At Home - Jenny

What’s your name and what do you do?

 My name is Jenny Bond & I have a shop/interiors studio on the Lisburn Road.

Who lives in your home?

Just me!

How would you describe your home?

My home is small, homely and filled with things I love.

What have you enjoyed about your home during the lockdown?

I have a back patio area that is south facing and is a total sun trap. 

 Is there a DIY job you've got round to that you're proud of?

 Truth be told I have started many but yet to complete one fully! I am striping the paintwork on my staircase and will repaint woodwork and walls and finally put up the wallpaper I have had for over 2 years!

 If you could change anything about your home, what would it be?

 I would love a dishwasher! I would also love some more space, as i’ve said, its small!

 What’s the most recent thing you’ve bought for your home?

 In terms of decor I don’t usually have time to shop for myself!  Most likely a black blind for my bathroom – went for a monochrome scheme.  That was the last room I decorated.

 What’s been your go-to meal in the last few weeks?

 Suddenly I can’t remember what i’ve eaten this past 7 weeks – that’s maybe due to the wine!  I’ve been doing lots of batch cooking so I don’t have to be constantly washing pots & pans! Simple ragus and curries.   

 Is there anything you’ve started to do during lockdown that you’d like to continue as ‘normality’ resumes?

 I am enjoying having time to do workouts and not being tied to my shop 6 days a week – to be honest that has been brilliantly liberating and might make me consider working differently when things return to some sort of normal. I’m also enjoying regular calls with friends and family as it was always so difficult to get everyones diaries to align for a catch up!


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