15 May 2020

Lockdown: At Home - Kerri

What’s your name and what do you do?

My name is Kerri Todd and when I’m not working in coffeexcactus I create flora and fauna inspired embroidery under @_sewsadie and I’m a part of the team behind Turf and Grain. 

Who lives in your home?

I’m in lockdown with my Mum, Dad and dog Oscar! But once it’s safe and sensible to do so I’ll be moving back to Belfast again. 

How would you describe your home?

The pic is of my room and I’ve made it quite the soft pink haven. I’ve filled with plants, books, my sewing bits, dried flowers and blankets. 

What have you enjoyed about your home during the lockdown?

I feel very lucky to live in the home I do. My mum has created the most beautiful garden which has been great amidst these strange times. I have also loved spending days with my dog, he’s getting a bit older so it’s pretty sweet to get so much time with him. 

Is there a DIY job you've got round to that you're proud of?

I reorganised all my sewing threads - which maybe doesn’t sound like a lot but it took hours. It will shortly be hectic once more but for now it’s so satisfying.

If you could change anything about your home, what would it be?

I’d be back in Belfast in my own space! 

What’s the most recent thing you’ve bought for your home?

A wee pink plant called from coffeexcactus! I’ve actually named her cc in homage to my gals. 

For most things though I tend to prefer second hand so haven’t bought much due to recent times. 

What’s been your go-to meal in the last few weeks?

Is this where I lie and say some fancy salad? But honestly cereal is my go to for any meal. Tesco do these ‘chocolate pillows’ that are probably my most favourite accidentally vegan find thus far. 

Is there anything you’ve started to do during lockdown that you’d like to continue as ‘normality’ resumes?

I think I’ll continue taking more time over things. I definitely won’t be in any rush to return to the pace I once attempted to keep. 



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