19 May 2020

Lockdown: At Home - Sharon

What’s your name and what do you do?

I’m Sharon and I work in a wonderful place called MAVEN.

Who lives in your home?

I live with my husband Alan who is a postman and Samuel my 19 year old son.

How would you describe your home?

My home is an eclectic mix of colour, textures and styles. I have collected many bit and bobs over the years and love to add to my collection when I see beautiful objects especially bowls 

What have you enjoyed about your home during the lockdown?

I’ve enjoyed doing the jobs around the house that I don’t usually have time for eg. sorting out drawers that everything is just thrown into, its wonderful the things you find that were lost.....

Is there a DIY job you've got round to that you're proud of?

DIY is not my strong point, I leave that to Alan but I can give very good instructions. He’s been outside power washing decking and gardening as he can’t just sit down and relax.

If you could change anything about your home, what would it be?

I would like a dressing room and I may be able to do that soon as my daughter Lara has relocated to London recently, an empty bedroom. I don’t know how she would react when she came home though....

What’s the most recent thing you’ve bought for your home?

The most recent thing I’ve bought for my home is a candle, not that I need anymore as I already have quite a collection, that word again

What’s been your go-to meal in the last few weeks?

I’m blessed with 2 men in the house who ️cooking so have been spoilt during lockdown. Alan’s speciality is BBQ’s of which we’ve had many over the last few weeks with the glorious weather. Samuel has a sweet tooth and has been baking chocolate cake, coconut tart etc, not good for the waistline!

Is there anything you’ve started to do during lockdown that you’d like to continue as ‘normality’ resumes?

Started to use Zoom during lockdown and will keep this up as we get back to as near normal as we can hope for. Great for keeping in touch with family and friends, especially a quiz night. 




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