16 Aug 2023

New Arrivals from HAY

 Arcs Trolleys and Mirrors

Our eyes are popping with these vibrant new pieces that have just landed from HAY.  The Danish brand is no stranger to colour and this new product launch proves once again that they do it so very well.

 Arcs Mirrors & Trolleys

The new Arcs Mirrors and Trolleys by Muller Van Severen (pictured above) are the latest products in the Arcs series to feature the distinctive, scalloped silhouette.  Practical and characterful, this collaboration between the Belgian duo and HAY is one we hope continues for the forseeable future.


Chisel Lounge Chair

The Chisel Lounge Chair references the same-named classic carpentry tool in its historically grounded yet contemporary aesthetic. Created from the desire to design a solid wooden chair with a distinctive silhouette that will stand the test of time, the chair’s considered craftmanship and ergonomics provide optimal support and comfort as well as looking great. Chisel’s compact size and wide variety of wood types, colours, and upholstery options make it a versatile and relevant lounge chair. 

Channel Rug
Radio Rug
Channel Rug & Radio Rug

Designed for HAY by Clara Von Zweigbergk, the Channel and Radio Rugs use multiple coloured yarns woven together to create intriguing contrasts in patterns and textures. Hand-woven in India from a blend of New Zealand wool and cotton, the weaving technique creates a graphic, three-dimensional effect. The rugs' natural warmth, comfort, and vibrance can be used to elevate most interior spaces. Both versions have just arrived in the shop and they have garnered many admirers already.

Apex Lamp Family
Taking cues from the classic Banker’s Light, British designer John Tree has merged archetypal references with his contemporary, colourful sensibility to create the Apex Table Lamp. The folded steel shades create a peaked roofline silhouette, providing the inspiration behind the lamp’s name as well as offering a graphic contrast to the chrome-plated bases.  The family comprises a table lamp, desk lamp and two clip lamps.


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