03 Oct 2019

The Heart Of Your Home

Your dining table really can be the heart of your home. A place for family gatherings and celebrations, confidences and consolations.  

 Our parents bought our family dining table from a second-hand shop in Manchester in the early 70’s. We grew up around this table, eating Rice Krispies, doing our homework and pulling crackers around it at Christmas time. I now have this table in my own home and am honoured that my son and I can share mealtimes and homework around it as we did with our parents.

A dining table really is an investment piece that should last for years to come. I’ve put together a few things for you to consider when buying your own dining table.


1.    How many people eat there regularly?

Consider how many people will be seated around it. If you occasionally like to host a crowd but don’t really have space to permanently have a large table, then how about an extendable table?

Hay have just launched the CPH 30 Extendable table. Part of the Bouroullec’s CPH family, this new table is designed to enable extra leaves to be easily added, allowing the table to be extended to the required length. The table starts at 1.6m but has the ability to go right up to 4.5m, so can cater for even the biggest dinner parties!! Also making it entirely suitable for many commercial uses too.

CPH 30 Extendable matt lacquered oak grey lino_Result Chair seat and back dark blue stained oak_Bottoms Up Vase.jpg
CPH 30 Extendable matt lacquered oak off white lino tabletop_PC Pendant L soft black_AAC 100.jpg

2.  How much space do you have?

Take everything into consideration. You want guests to be able to manoeuvre around the table easily. We would recommend 90-120cm between the table and the wall to allow comfortable movement. Think about your chairs too. Obviously, large chair with arms will take up more space around your table. You will be able to fit more chairs around your table if you choose one with no arms. Measure your space and if you need peace of mind, use newspaper to mark out the position of the table and really help you visualise how a certain size will work in your space. 

A round table may work better in your space (as well as being super convivial) - consider all your options.


3.    What surface will work for you?

How concerned are you going to be about stains and marks? Some families are very relaxed about the odd mark on the table top, seeing it as evidence of a life lived and an inevitable part of really using a home.If you would like to minimise potential for marks and stains then consider a table with a lacquered top or even a laminate surface. Of course, due care should always be taken with hot dishes and pens etc… yep, been there with the Sharpie.


4.   What colour/ material should it be?

Consider the space your table will be in. What colour are the floors, walls, chairs around it etc? If you now you’d like a wooden, think about the colour of wood. Maybe you would like to break it up with a different coloured leg?


If you need help making the best decision for your space our friendly team are here to guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your space.  Call in-store, phone or email and we help your find the perfect table.

Patricia x

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PC Pendant L soft black_CPH25 Round black_Result Chair uph. 01.jpg
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