06 Dec 2015

The Organic Sheep

Sheepskins from The Organic Sheep

Our ‘Organic Sheep’ sheepskins come from the Icelandic Sheep breed. The sheepskins come from indigenous sheep born and bred in Iceland where the animals roam freely through the dramatic landscape and are in minimal contact with humans.

Icelandic sheep are characterised by their unusually long hair and varying natural colours. The sheep are a robust breed, and the wool's unusual character is the result of centuries of adaptation to the harsh Icelandic climate. They are dual coated, with the long hair protecting the sheep's skin from moisture and the short hair keeping the animal warm.


Icelandic Sheep come in five natural colors, brown, grey, black, white, and a spotted white/black. It is said that no two skins are alike.

There are no chemicals used in the tanning and processing of the skins and so they are allergy (and nature) friendly.

Throw one over a chair or keep it on your bed or sofa. Whatever way you want to use yours, with one of these sheepskins you’ll have guaranteed cosiness over the cold winter months.

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