28 Sep 2015

Welcome to Maven Powder + Bone

We are delighted to have new local company Powder + Bone available to buy at Maven. We asked the owner and maker Eliza to answer a few questions so you guys could get to know her and the weaving process a little better.

M: Tell us a bit about yourself:

E: I'm an Australian living in Belfast. I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Printmaking (Screenprinting), but now mainly focus on textile mediums. I am a self-taught weaver, drawing inspiration from my move to Northern Ireland, as well as fellow artists and makers.

M:Tell us about your process:

E: Each piece is handmade using a lap loom and (where possible) locally sourced wools. The process mimics rug-making techniques, with its bound backing and 'shag like' aesthetic, using a methodical process of tying and knotting.

M: Any inspirations?:

E: Maryanne Moodie, Mehhan Shimek, Aly Barohn, Judit Just, Sarah Neubert, to name a few.

M: Is there a story behind your business name 'Powder + Bone'?:

E: The name 'Powder + Bone' came from my love of neutral tones, and their calming and soothing nature. As a new maker, I was drawn to creating pieces in bright, bold colours, but 'Powder + Bone' remains to remind me of my original intent - to create unique wall hangings of neutral tones to complement already balanced and serene settings.

M: When you're not weaving, where could we find you?

E: When I'm not practicing or creating, I love to break routine with classes at Flow Studios, coffee at Established, brunch at General Merchants, and drinks at Brewbot. Bespoke jewellery from Ma.iri and beautifully created clothing from Envoy cannot be forgotten, too.

We currently have five Powder + Bone designs in the shop, starting from £117.

Hope to see some of you in the shop soon!


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